Espace de parole et d’échanges,
pour accompagner les cheminements de vie,
…les cheminements de deuil.


The loss of a being …

CHER : Through the bond of love woven and which connects us to its soul.

CHAIR : His body is gone, it is no longer visible to the eyes, but his whole being will remain
forever present in the depths of our heart.

Grief is impossible to measure … Like the love that two beings shared. The pain and grief of loss are equal to the love and attachment that existed between two beings who loved each other. Fortunately we only have to live on average two to three departures from people who are close to us during our lifetime. To tame death is to replace a real absence by an inner presence. To open his arms to welcome the emptiness and to fill himself up to be reborn to the joys of life, to little happiness and to love. The beloved is no more … It is otherwise, it is wherever we are, closest to our heart and in our memories.

We are born, we grow, we die, so life goes … The importance of the moment … It is the only moment during which we can exert influence, the importance of contributing to the happiness of what surrounds us here and now, because the people who are in front of us are beings to cherish, to help, to grow and to surround, for they are for now … the most important.

Founder and leader of this project so lively:

Aude Nicaty is close to the human nature and nature, funeral agent for the sector of Villeneuve and surroundings. She is particularly interested in this job because she loves to take care of life in these difficult and sensitive moments of mourning, to take care of meeting the needs and expectations, to surround families and the deceased.

To take his time and to know to say to him « Good-bye » … Close with gentle the eyes of our near party …, then to open with benevolence, patience and humanity those of the living ones present … To be present, to be there for the other … Aude is there Beyond: …, predestined name …)

She also runs a floral company « Aude Fleurs » in Villeneuve specializing in floral and funeral art, she also teaches courses related to her profession at a renowned hotel school in the Montreux region and within its store for adults and children.

Naturally attracted by the exchange, by its various communicative aspects and its transactions, she deepened its emotional and psychological aspects during several years by studying and participating in the acquisition of skills related to the transactional analysis of Eric Berne what is played here and now in the relations of the « states of the ego » (Parent, Adult, Child) and studying intrapsychic phenomena.